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Famisafe Wireless Camera Complete Review

Famisafe Wireless Camera

If you’ve watched the news, utilized social media, talked with friends, or otherwise, you have to be aware the world today is a little riskier. With stolen deliveries, break-ins, accidents, and even unusual weather, we need protection now more than ever. We can’t always be home, and we can’t hire a guard to stand watch 24/7, which has led to most security-minded people purchasing home security systems.

Home security is excellent, but automated services can be insanely expensive. DIY alternatives can be confusing and daunting to set up or use. There’s a lot of competition in the market right now – with many of these being almost unusable. Others come with a price tag that is so high; they’re unattainable. Enter the Famisafe Wireless Camera.

Key features of Famisafe Wireless Camera that make this a great purchase:

  • 2 MP Floodlight
  • 2.4G WiFi
  • 2-way audio
  • Motion Detection
  • Night Vision

Famisafe Wireless Camera # 1

2 MP Floodlight

One major thing you want in a home security setup (aside from the ability to monitor activity) is some way to scare off an intruder. Whether they are letting their dog use your lawn as a toilet, trying to take a package – decorations – mail – something that doesn’t belong to them, causing harm to your property – or trying to enter your home. An enormous floodlight will startle anyone that stumbles into the vision of your camera in the middle of the night. As long as they walk within the path of your camera, that floodlight will pop on and should scare off any would-be offenders.

Famisafe Wireless Camera # 2

2.4G WiFi

2.4G WiFi allows for a clear, non-choppy live view, as well as playback on any recorded video you may have. Seamlessly stream from your Phone, Tablet, or Windows PC while you’re away. While it’s labeled as an outdoor camera, nothing is stopping you from using this indoors as well. You can easily set this up as a baby monitor, a pet cam, an elder relative watch, or even to ensure all things going on in your home are being done correctly when you hire in-home services.

Famisafe Wireless Camera # 3

2-Way Audio

Another excellent feature would be 2-Way audio. The ability to not only speak to whoever finds their way into your property – as well as listening to their replies, make this a helpful feature. If you notice something going on in your camera’s viewfinder, you can alert the individual that they are on camera or notify them that you’ve contacted the authorities.

Aside from that, you can use this to verify that you’re home and it’s okay to leave a package. You can verbally ‘sign’ for deliveries as well if you’re home but just unpresentable at the time. Need an extra minute before answering the door? Communicate that via the camera! Apart from that, you can hear the camera’s environment at any time, making this a great baby monitor. Is Spot trying to get on the counter to eat those crumbs you forgot to clean? Distract him by chiming in and redirecting his attention to the sound of your voice!

Famisafe Wireless Camera # 4

Motion Detection

The motion detector is one of the best features. Once you set up the camera, you don’t have to continually watch the stream and monitor every moment to ensure you catch or witness all events going on in your area. If movement is seen in the viewfinder, you will receive a notification on your viewing device, alerting you that you may want to check out what’s developing at your property. These settings are customizable too. If you’re home and have the availability to view what’s going on, you can adjust for no alerts. Leaving? Just pop back into your app, and change to ‘away mode’ to allow notifications again.

Famisafe Wireless Camera # 5

Night Vision

It’s statistically proven that most crime goes on in the night. It’s when prowlers can go virtually unnoticed. The dark of the night helps to conceal them and whatever activity they’re planning to carry out. The night also allows for a quicker/easier get-away should they be interrupted. The night vision on this camera is here to silence those worries for you. You can see up to 98 feet away in clear imaging – in night vision. Not only will you be able to see the start of the activity, but chances are once that floodlight pops on, you’ll see them scrambling to leave the area.

Famisafe Wireless Camera

‘But wait, there’s more!’

To finish rounding out this fantastic device, you’ll also receive these excellent features:

Alexa Voice Control Compatibility.

At 30 FPS, the picture is clear – even in night vision mode.

-Tough build!

-This camera is IP66 waterproof.

-The camera is weatherproof.

-Can withstand extreme temperatures.

-The exterior aluminum makeup creates a rust-proof housing for the unit.

-Quick and easy setup/installation steps.

-One setup, one time is all you need.

The bottom line is if you’re looking for a security camera that’s jam-packed with features but doesn’t come with a huge price tag – or a recurring monthly fee, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find a better fit. This goes with you; it’s something you can mount in one area, then unmount and take somewhere else – as often as needed.

Protect yourself, protect your home, protect your family. Work is already stressful; give yourself the ease of knowing everything is okay at home. Vacations shouldn’t have you constantly worried about what’s going on at home either; this gives you peace of mind no matter what your application, and isn’t it time we all felt a little more safe and secure?

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