Swann SWNHD-820CAM-US 1080p HD Network Security Camera for Swann 1080p NVRS (Black)- A Review

Swann SWNHD-820CAM-US 1080p HD Network Security Camera picFeatures:

  • High quality video- records 2.1 mp (1920 x 1080p) video
  • High-definition 1000tvl camera
  • Night vision with infrared cut filter
  • Weather-resistant; suitable for outdoor installation
  • Comes with Ethernet cable, connectors, and more
  • 2.4lbs

The Overall Quality

For customers serious about their home and business security, you really can’t go wrong with the Swann SWNHD-820 Cam. This high-definition network security camera offers premium video quality and streaming capabilities, allowing you to keep an eye on your property expertly. An excellent camera, it’s effective both on its own or added to an existing security system.

Featuring night vision and motion tracking, you’ll be able to handle every potential threat that comes your way, no matter the time of day. Its infrared cut filter is capable of seeing up to 115 feet away.

Its sleek, all-white appearance evokes an Apple product, but it’s not all looks. This camera is advertised as being “bank quality,” and it certainly delivers on that front, providing customers with supreme, high-quality video solutions. License plates, faces, clothing, and more- you’ll be able to see it all and identity threats even from a distance thanks to how high quality this camera’s picture is.

It’s easy to install (which we’ll get into in a moment). Customers love how high quality and affordable this camera is and how well suited it is for various purposes. With a CMOS image sensor and the ability to view images at a 75-degree angle, you’ll be good to go no matter what’s going on around your business or property. Images are never distorted, making it easy to know what’s really going on.

Swann SWNVK-485 Specs


The Swann SWNHD-820 Camera comes complete with a cable-mounted bracket, mounting screws and plugs, and detailed operating instructions. Set-up and installation should only take minutes and can be performed by any customer with minimal assistance, even with minimal technical knowledge. The nice thing is that this camera can easily be installed indoors and outdoors, making this camera a fool-proof security solution for various situations. It can be installed on ceilings and walls. If desired, you can even secure it to a shelf or awning.


Overall, it’s hard to find a better, more versatile camera for homeowners and businesses. Offering high “bank quality” video, the Swann SWNHD-820 camera can be installed easily both outdoors and indoors. Customers love this camera’s easy installation, fantastic high-definition quality, and night vision capabilities.

It’s hard to find any issues with this camera. You’ll be able to identify all threats before they come. Finding a good outdoor quality camera isn’t always easy. Still, you’ll be pleased with this camera’s versatility and ease of use, making it one of the best, affordable cameras for a variety of uses. Residential properties and businesses have a lot to gain from this versatile, sleek-looking camera. It’s hard to go wrong with the Swann brand.