Xvim 4CH Security Camera System

Reviews – Xvim 4CH Security Camera

Xvim 4CH Security Camera Overall

Homeowners and business owners looking for an entry-level system certainly can’t go wrong with the Xvim 4CH Security Camera. With four channels and four cameras, you’ll be able to monitor every corner of your property effectively. Suitable for outdoor and indoor installation due to its durable construction and weatherproofed body, it’s hard to go wrong with this camera system.

Featuring easy-to-setup motion detection features, you’ll be able to monitor every potential threat, even from a distance. With 1280×720 resolution, you’ll be able to identify license plate numbers, faces, and more, allowing you to rest easy no matter what time of day you record suspicious activity. Monitor your video feed from your PC or your smartphone via the Xvim CCTV app with remote capabilities.

Xvim 4CH Security Camera Features:

  • Four cameras with four security channels
  • Weatherproof, suitable for outdoor and indoor installation
  • 1280×720 resolution
  • 30 infrared, high-intensity LEDs
  • 100ft night vision
  • 720p real-time video
  • H.264 Network AHD DVR
  • CD-Rom Software included
  • Feed viewable on PCs and mobile devices
  • Motion detection and low light modes are available
  • Email notification system easy to set up
  • Hard drive available separately

Xvim 4CH Security Camera


The only major downside to take into account? You will need to purchase a hard drive for storing your recordings separately. The cameras here can, however, easily be added to an existing security system if desired. Considering it’s a bit of a barebones system. Still, the cameras and video feed are high quality, making this a great entry-level system that costs about the same as a single higher-end camera. Everything is included beyond the hard drive, though, and if you can live without an included hard drive, this is a smart system for the money. ( Updated version now has 1TB Hard Drive )

Xvim 4CH Security Camera Installation

Remarkably, the installation is simple. Like all the best entry-level systems, this system is a “plug and play.” No need to worry about needing to convert an analog signal to digital. You’re good to go otherwise. You can install the system easily outside or indoors, and all the needed cables are included.

The only flaw is that the cameras aren’t wireless, but it doesn’t take much reasoning to figure out where everything goes. Installation is simple and can be performed even by customers without technical knowledge on their own. We recommend installing these cameras on shelves, along walls, and on ceilings, although you may need to look into mounting clamps and screws for best results.

Xvim 4CH Security Camera Overall

While no hard drive is included, it’s hard to find a better entry-level system on the market. High-quality cameras and remote viewing access make this system convenient and straightforward to use. You’ll have the ability to easily monitor your property no matter how experienced you are with installing and using security systems.

Whether this becomes your main security system or you add components from this set onto your existing security system, it’s hard to go wrong with this solid offering from Xvim. Homeowners and small business owners will be well served when they take this camera system’s strong feed and night vision capabilities into account.

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