Zmodo Security Camera

Zmodo 960H DVR Security Camera System Ultimate Review

Zmodo Security Camera  Overall Quality

While Zmodo doesn’t always produce winners, this video surveillance system comes awfully close to providing customers with a comprehensive system ideal for all kinds of conditions.

One of the best Zmodo’s produced, this security system comes complete with 8 700TVL cameras and a 1 TB hard drive. As far as entry-level systems go, this is among the best and most affordable when you consider the features you’ll find right out of the box.

You can monitor your business or home from a distance thanks to this systems’ remote access features. Smartphones, tablets, and computers- almost all devices are compatible with this Zmodo security system.

Zmodo Security Camera  Features:

  • 8 3.6mm lens 700TVL cameras
  • 8 channel security system
  • 960H resolution videos
  • Remote access for smartphones, tablets, and PCs
  • Intelligent recording mode and motion detection recording mode
  • 25-30fps
  • 1 TB hard drive
  • 12 V power supply
  • USB mouse
  • 59ft camera cables
  • 65ft night vision


With a variety of recording modes, you can choose to only record when motion is detected or take advantage of Zmodo’s intelligent recording mode where the system will record at 25fps when motion is detected and at 5fps, no real-time when no motion is detected, allowing you to save on hard drive space and identify license plate numbers and faces easily and quickly when danger strikes.

960H video resolution ensures that you’re getting some of the best video quality out there for a closed-circuit system. There are eight security channels, meaning that you can safely monitor every corner of your property.

Zmodo Security Camera

For the most part, customers love this system, with one of the only complaints, which we’ll get into in a moment, being that the instructions for installation are a little convoluted and hard to follow. Still, it’s hard to be disappointed with this offering from Zmodo, among one of the better security systems put out by the company.

Zmodo Security Camera Set-Up and Installation

Set up and installation of Zmodo security camera can be a bit of a convoluted process due to the instructions’ density. However, it is possible to install the cameras on your own if you have the patience to figure it out. These cameras can be installed both inside and outside due to their durable design. For best results, set on a shelf or install along the wall/ceiling.

Zmodo Security Camera Overall

Looking for a solid entry-level system? In this case, the Zmodo security camera has you covered. With eight cameras, remote feed viewing capabilities, and a durable design, you’ll be good to go no matter the occasion or where you decide to install the cameras.

While installation of Zmodo security cameras is needlessly complex, these Zmodo security cameras are of high quality, especially when the price is taken into account. We love the intelligent and motion detection recording modes, allowing users to be careful about their storage space and get the most out of their security systems. Give this one a shot. You’ll be sure to be pleased with the relatively high quality. ( Discontinued: newer model now available )


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