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ZOSI Home Security System Overall Quality

It’s hard to find fault with this excellent ZOSI home security system. This ZOSI home security system is an 8 channel monster, featuring four 3.6mm lens cameras well suited for indoor and outdoor installation, providing peace of mind for business owners and homeowners. Where do we even begin? Relatively inexpensive, this security system offers full-fledged high-definition video capable of recording up to 1080p.

Thanks to this ZOSI home security system and its fast connection and smartphone/tablet compatibility, you can monitor your home or business from a distance.

This ZOSI home security system comes complete with an easy-to-use QR code, allowing you to easily view the video feed from your smartphone or tablet within a matter of seconds and download the special Secu365 app, which allows you to do all kinds of nifty things, including one-button recording, live view and feedback, and mobile push alerts when motion is detected.

ZOSI Home Security System Features:

  • ZOSI H.264 960H DVR
  • 1 TB hard drive
  • 4 dome cameras included
  • Suitable for outdoor installation
  • 65 ft Night vision
  • 1000TVL Recording resolution; capable of recording up to 1080p video
  • USB backup
  • 3.6mm lens
  • 2-year warranty
  • Motion Detection Recording mode
  • Smartphone and tablet compatible

ZOSI home security system


With 65ft night vision and a durable design in this ZOSI home security system, these dome cameras are ideal for various situations. While we’ll talk a bit more about installing these cameras in just a few moments, these cameras are relatively easy to install and take care of.

If you’re concerned about saving power, you can even enable Motion Detection Recording mode, allowing you to record video only when the camera detects motion. You’ll still be able to effectively protect your home, only without having to sort through six hours’ worth of static video of the front of your house.

A 1 TB hard drive means you’ll have one less thing to worry about when it comes to storing video feeds, and instant email alerts and push notifications on your smartphone allow you to stay informed no matter how far away you are from your cameras or home.

ZOSI Home Security System Installation

While installing all four cameras is usually a fairly simple process, some customers have found that the instructions are somewhat convoluted. Otherwise, it’s a process that should take a little less than an hour. This camera set comes complete with CCTV cameras and a power supply. These cameras can easily be mounted inside and outdoors, thanks to their durable design.

ZOSI Home Security System Overall

For customers looking for an affordable camera security system, you really can’t go wrong with this excellent system from ZOSI. Four durable cameras ensure that almost every corner of your property can be safely monitored.

Smartphone and tablet compatibility allows you to monitor your system even from a distance. While installation can be a little complex thanks to this system’s convoluted instructions, it’s otherwise a solid product guaranteed to give your property the safety and security you need to sleep easy at night.

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