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Perhaps you’ve heard of a Nexar dash cam and assumed they are only for paranoid drivers. Why would you need to record everything that occurs directly ahead of you while driving?

One of the primary reasons Nexar dash cam is gaining popularity is to record critical evidence. For example, if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident, a dash cam can capture every detail. Consider how beneficial this footage would be to authorities and insurance companies in determining the exact cause of the accident. This is a straightforward way for a Nexar dash cam to pay for itself quickly. Certain Nexar dash cams also include timestamps, which provide additional critical information.


Nexar dash cam review

Go through this Nexar dash cam review to find yourself the perfect dash cam.


Nexar beam dash cam


Nexar beam dash cam 


Pros & Cons

  • Nexar camera has excellent 1080p captures at a 135-degree angle.
  • Simple configuration and connection via the phone app.
  • From your phone, you can upload an unlimited number of files to the cloud for free.
  • MicroSD card storage that is removable (unlike Owl).
  • GPS information, including date/time, is provided by the phone to the Nexar camera.


Nexar beam dash cam: Our Opinion

Nexar Beam maximizes the potential of your phone, and the company offers unlimited free uploads to its cloud service. Of course, you’ll need a phone for GPS and other features, but it’s an excellent product within those constraints.

Although the Nexar Beam is not the first Nexar dash cam to upload a video to the cloud—that honor belongs to the Owlcam—it is nearly as elegant and far more affordable at $90 from Amazon. The free unlimited cloud uploads, GPS, and traffic and accident warnings are the standout features, but day and night captures are equally impressive.

Take note that without the phone, the GPS and other conveniences vanish (video is still captured). That is not a significant concern for the majority of users in a phone-centric world.

Nexar Beam GPS | Full HD 1080p Dash Cam | 2021 Model | 32 GB SD Card Included | Unlimited Cloud Storage | Parking Mode | WiFi

as of June 21, 2024 1:15 am

Design and functionality

The Beam Nexar dash cam is a small, square black box that doubles as a camera. It’s comparable in size to the Garmin Dash Cam 66W we reviewed last year (currently $200 on Amazon), but it lacks a display (which is provided by your phone), and the lens housing protrudes further. The sensor on this Nexar dash cam is a 1080p GalaxyCore GC2053, a model and brand that I have not encountered previously. Whether or not it is recognizable, it gets the job done. It’s worth noting that the G-sensor of this Nexar dash cam is located in the camera, not the phone.

The power button and microSD card slot are located on the camera’s left side, while the right side features ventilation perforations. On top, there is a slot for attaching the suction mount to the body and a mini-USB jack. If the Nexar’s goal is to be unobtrusive, it succeeds. Everything else is handled or provided by your phone (iOS or Android).


Excellent capture quality

The Beam Nexar dash cam captures stunning 1080p, 30 frames per second video. I was particularly taken aback by the motion stabilization. Even on rough local roads and the occasional speed bump, the video maintains a fixed position on the horizon without tearing or jumping.

The colors of this Nexar dash cam are pretty accurate, the details are discernible, and the image quality is generally about as good as it gets with 1080p. Of course, if you’re documenting your travels, a higher-resolution dash cam may be preferable, but there is nothing better for everyday use than this Nexar dash cam.

Not that the night captures have the orange cast that many sensors exhibit, but they still reveal a great deal of detail. The amount of flare in the headlights is negligible.

Additionally, it is my fault that the screenshot contains a 2018 date. The Beam had been unplugged for a week, the battery depleted, and I was without my phone to reset the camera. In that vein, the Beam will continue to operate for approximately 15 seconds after power is turned off, ensuring that post-incident events are captured.


Nexar pro dash cam


Nexar dash cam PRO


Pros & Cons

  • Styling that is unique and appealing.
  • Excellent 720p day/night and exterior/interior capture.
  • GPS is built into the mount.
  • Nexar app had initial connection issues.


Nexar pro dash cam: Our Opinion

We initially encountered connectivity issues with the Android app, but these were resolved following an update that enabled us to use Nexar’s free cloud storage for captures. An excellent value for professional ride-hailing services.


Design and characteristics

When used alone, the Nexar Pro’s front camera captures 30 frames per second, 720p video, but drops to 25fps when the interior camera is attached. Nexar’s choice of 720p is somewhat surprising, given that 1080p resolution (which the Beam captures) has been the industry standard for front captures for several years.

Suction mount for the main Nexar dash cam Pro (a sticky mount is available for an additional US$15 / $AU22) includes an integrated GPS module that doubles as a convenient lever for tightening the suction cup. Twist it 90 degrees, and there you have it! The less expensive Beam uses your phone’s GPS and must be connected at all times to obtain location data. That is one of the reasons for the camera’s designation as “Pro.”

The other reason for the pro designation is the aforementioned cabin camera, which records in the same 720p, 25 frames per second format. Documenting events that occur inside the car is a requirement for ride providers. In addition, 720p is standard for interior shots that do not require the capture of license plate numbers and the like.

A whopping ten infrared lights surround the interior dash cam Nexar’s lens, resulting in extremely bright interior night shots. Instead of a suction mount, the interior camera utilizes a small, semi-permanent sticky mount. It is connected to the primary camera via a short micro-USB cable. You could probably use dash cam Nexar as a rearview camera with a longer cable.

Nexar Pro GPS | Dual Dash Cam System | New 2021 Model | SD Card Included | Road & Interior Recording | Unlimited Cloud Storage | Parking Mode | WiFi

as of June 21, 2024 1:15 am


While I lamented the Nexar Pro’s 720p captures, they are actually quite good. In fact, they’re competitive with the Beam’s 1080p captures, no doubt due to superior optics or a sensor—though neither is a contender for best of the breed.

Exterior daytime captures demonstrated adequate color saturation and detail, while direct bright light was also handled effectively without blowing out the entire image. However, there is some fisheye distortion from what appears to be a 140-degree field of view lens.

The Nexar Pro captures detailed video, and the integrated GPS eliminates the need to keep your phone connected at all times, as with the company’s less expensive Beam dash cam. Overall, it’s an incredibly affordable front/interior combo for anyone interested in cloud storage, particularly ride sharers.



How to connect Nexar dash cam?

Kindly attempt to connect your dashcam via your iPhone’s WiFi settings:

  • Ascertain that your phone’s WiFi and dash cam are turned on.
  • Select your dash cam’s WiFi network beginning with DIRECT-NEX from the available networks.
  • Enter the password 12345678 in the text box below.

To complete the pairing process, please navigate to the Settings app on your iPhone, select Bluetooth, and toggle it ON. Please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team with any additional questions.


How to reset Nexar dash cam?

Here is a guide to show you how to reset Nexar: 


How to use Nexar dash cam?

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to use Nexar dash Cam:



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