IP Security Systems: Your Guide to the Best Entry Level Systems Around

IP Security SystemsWhether you’re a business owner or a homeowner, keeping a close eye on your property is vital. Regardless of the size of your property or your security needs, it turns out that it’s easier than you’d expect to find a great entry-level security camera system.

The best security camera systems are weather-proof, come with night vision capabilities, offer motion sensing technology, and even allow you to view live security feeds from smartphones. And as it turns out, you can find security systems that do all that without paying an arm or a leg to get your mitts on them.

We’re taking a look at three camera systems that fit the bill. Considering all the necessary features and the bells and whistles, we’ve compiled a list of the three best entry-level security camera systems around. To make it on this list, each camera system must offer some of the features we talked about above as well as providing high-quality video feeds, and a straight-forward installation that’s beginner friendly.

We’ll be talking about the Amcrest 960H Video Security system, the Xvim 4CH Security Camera System CCTV Surveillance system, and the ZOSI 8Channel Home Security system in this summary.

While reviewing several other home and small business friendly security systems, we found that these not only offered fantastic video quality but offered enough bells and whistles to set these apart from their competitors. Here’s our overview of these three security systems, which we widely consider some of the best entry-level systems. Read on to find out exactly why we hold these in such high regard.

Amcrest 960H Video Security System

Amcrest 960H Video Security System picYou really can’t go wrong with this video security system. An excellent entry from Amcrest, we find that the Amcrest 960H Video Security system not only provides homeowners and business owners with high video quality, but it’s versatile enough that customers who want to get more out of their home security system can easily modify and customize this system to suit their individual needs.

Capable, as the name implies, of recording 960H video, this security system records at 800+ TLV. With a default, 500 G hard drive included (you can upgrade with affordable attachments to boost your storage space up to a massive three terabytes), you can fit up to six days of continuous recording at any given time.

Like all the best security systems, the Amcrest comes with motion tracking, a night vision mode, and an easy-to-use online interface where you can both monitor live feeds and change up settings from almost any device, including your PC and smartphone.

What we especially love? Set-up is incredibly easy. We found our only problem installing the Amcrest system was having to deal with all the cables, which isn’t an unusual problem with an entry-level system. Instructions are very straight-forward and friendly enough for even someone who’s not particularly tech-savvy to figure out on their own.

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Xvim 4CH Security Camera System CCTV Surveillance System

Xvim 4CH Security Camera picOutdoor durability is a significant factor when selecting the ideal CCTV surveillance system, and this hardy, weather-proof offering from Xvim delivers on that front. Not only does it hold up well outdoors but this system from Xvim is capable of recording video with a resolution up to 1280×720, making it one of the clearest, crispest home security systems around.

But if that wasn’t all, you’ll be able to sleep easy at night thanks to this camera system’s 100ft night vision. There’s, of course, a motion detection mode that allows you to set up your system so that it only records video when it detects motion and we found that this system was surprisingly accurate with few false alarms.

This system is probably one of the most consumer-friendly when it comes to installation. It’s a plug and play type system. Just find a place to set up the cameras, plug in the cables, and you’re virtually good to go.

There is only one major downside to this security system. Unlike the other security systems on this list, the Xvim 4CH Security Camera system does not come with an included hard drive. You can still, of course, view the live video feed from any device, including your smartphone, without the hard drive but you’ll want to purchase one if you’re going to store your recordings.

For the quality of the video feed alone, however, we feel that it warrants your consideration. If you’re willing to look into the hard drive, you’re certainly getting superior video quality from this camera system, which is primarily an essential feature of any system.

You can’t protect your property without being able to identify license plates or faces, and this surveillance system from Xvim certainly does very well in that regard.

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ZOSI 8Channel Home Security System

Zmodo 8CH HDMI picEight is better than four when it comes to this home security system from ZOSI. While the initial set comes with four cameras, it’s easy to add on more thanks to the included eight security channels. For an entry-level set that offers all the bells and whistles you’d expect from the top of the line systems, it’s hard not to love this entry from ZOSI.

What do we love? The included 1 TB hard drive, allowing you to save recordings. And the video quality is certainly nothing to sneeze at. While you can switch between resolutions, this system is capable of recording up to 1080p video, making this an especially handy and affordable system for business and property owners. The cameras themselves are sleek and sturdy, weatherproof 3.6mm lens domes that can easily be installed wherever you need them.

65ft night vision, while nothing compared to the Xvim’s 100ft, ensures that you’ll be able to identify most potential threats at night.

You can enable instant email and push notifications on your phone whenever motion is detected, allowing you to keep a safe eye on the things that matter most. Installation is simple, and when you consider that there’s an included hard drive and cables included, this might be one of the best all-in-one security systems on the market.

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