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Guide – Outdoor Security Camera With Memory Card Setup

Best Battery Operated Outdoor Security Camera With Memory Card – No More Wires

Are you looking for a security camera system that doesn’t involve tons of wires? In this article, we will discuss battery-operated outdoor security cameras with memory cards. If you are looking for a wireless option but don’t mind not having the convenience of local storage, then be sure to check out our lorex vs. night owl buyer’s guide.

When it comes to buying any CCTV camera setup, the main points to consider are the battery life, warranties (if any), and of course, price. Below we will discuss why you should go wire-free and the best overall battery-operated security cameras that record locally.

No Complicated Wires or Subscriptions

Outdoor security cameras that are battery operated and have memory cards are the easiest to set up of all CCTV kits. You can place them anywhere, regardless of them being in the range of a power outlet or your wifi router. Now you have absolute freedom to place them wherever you’d like and even move them if you feel like it.

Since all the footage is recorded on local storage from within the camera, there’s no need for pesky subscriptions for cloud storage. We all know what it’s like setting up other camera systems that require a paid subscription to the manufacturer’s cloud app.

More Reliable and Secure

If your video footage is stored locally, it’s always safer than footage uploaded to cloud storage solutions. On top of that, the cameras can still record without a network connection, so the cameras are always working despite any problems with the wifi signal.

Most battery-operated security cameras with internal memory work by only recording footage when it detects movement. This makes them ideal for important areas like the front and back of your house or the entrance to a store.

The Best Battery Operated Outdoor Security Cameras with SD Slot

As far as wireless security cameras with rechargeable batteries go, there’s one brand name that always pops up – Reolink. They have various products that will have you covered, no matter the situation. The most important aspect is they have many cameras that don’t require a DVR unit like the Xvim DVR system.

Overall Best Pick – Reolink Argus 2

Remote Viewing – If your cameras are in the range of wifi signal, you can receive real-time alerts when something trips the motion sensor. From there, you have the option to view the live feed, even from your phone.

  • Simply History Viewing – With footage saved to an SD memory card, there are multiple options for watching the videos.
  • Works Without Internet – Regardless of having a wifi signal, the Argus 2 will still be recording to the internal memory card.
  • Optional Solar Panel – Rechargeable batteries are excellent, but if you’re looking for maximum battery life, then be sure to check out their separate Reolink Solar Panel attachment.

It’s also worth noting that if you have some extra money in your budget, you can go for the Argus 2 Pro kit. These cameras have a couple more high-end features, and it comes with a solar panel included.

No Budget Pick – Reolink Go with SIM Card

Outdoor Security Camera

Now, imagine cameras like the Argus 2, but instead, they work with SIM cards. That means the cameras can always be connected over the internet. Couple these Reolink Go cameras with their solar panel attachments, and you can even set the cameras in remote areas like at a campsite or a cabin.

Closing Thoughts

Many have an objection about security cameras with internal memory: criminals can steal the SD from the unit. However, the real point is that these cameras should be concealed somewhere not to gain attention easily. Now Reolink even has camouflage skins that go over the cameras to blend into nature.

The amount of memory on an SD card comes into question as well. Most outdoor security cameras with SD cards will eat up your memory pretty fast, depending on the settings you choose for recording. The solution to this problem is the camera’s ability to write over old footage to store new footage. That means as the camera is recording a new video, the oldest videos on the card will be erased. With that being said, you now see how important it is to back up the data every once in a while.

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