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Reviews – Zmodo Security Camera System

Zmodo Security Camera System Overall Quality

When it comes to a multi-camera system, it’s hard to find a lot at fault with the Zmodo security camera system. This high-quality system is suitable for various situations. Whether there’s rain or shine, you’ll be glad to know that these Zmodo security camera systems are built to last and can be installed outside and indoors with relative ease.

Smartphone and tablet compatible, you’ll be able to monitor your property regardless of whether you’ve got an iPhone or an Android, thanks to both the handy ZSight app and Internet feed capabilities.

With the online video feed in the Zmodo security camera system, you’ll be able to monitor your cameras from any browser and from anywhere. Receive push notifications and emails when your cameras detect motion, allowing you to get to the bottom of things and decide how to handle threats as they come.

With 65ft night vision, you’ll be well equipped no matter what time of day danger decides to strike. Intelligent, Normal, and Motion Detection recording modes allow you to switch to the recording mode that best fits your needs and unique situation. 2.8mm lens and 720p video mean you won’t miss the action, and you can easily identify any potential threats before it’s too late.

While we find that the video quality lags behind many of Zmodo’s competitors and that the software has a few kinks, other customers have found that installing third-party software, if you’re inclined, can help you get more out of this security system.

The cameras aren’t especially secure since each camera has its own password, and it’s hard to know how to change the password right out of the box, but when you can tackle this issue, you’ll be good to go.

Zmodo Security Camera System Features:

  • Four cameras
  • Comes with Ethernet cables
  • HD video; records at 720p
  • 65ft night vision recording capabilities
  • 2.8mm lens
  • 81-degree view
  • Motion detection notification system
  • Smartphone and tablet compatible (comes with an app)
  • Online video feed
  • 1 TB hard drive



Zmodo Security Camera System Installation

Installation of the Zmodo security camera system is somewhat simple. However, some customers may find the process of untangling and figuring out how to string up the power source and Ethernet cables to be a bit of a convoluted process.

Still, most users will find that installing these cameras is actually fairly simple once they get the hang of things. These cameras can be installed both inside and outside and come with everything you need to install these cameras to a wall or ceiling. Additional accessories may be needed.

Zmodo Security Camera System Overall

While not the highest quality cameras on the market, it’s hard to find a ton at fault with this system from Zmodo. Compatible with a variety of devices, it’s certainly convenient. Just be mindful that the video quality and the video feed’s security doesn’t match up well with the competition. Still, they’re inexpensive, making this a fine entry-level system.



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