Lorex Vs Night Owl Security

Reviews – Lorex Vs Night Owl Security CCTV Cameras

Lorex Vs Night Owl Security

There has never been a better time to buy a home security system. Technological advancements and increasing competition in the market have made security systems more affordable than ever. In addition, major retailers like Amazon offer security systems that are quite worth their prices.

One of the largest and the most popular US retailers, Amazon has introduced a line of efficient yet affordable home security models. Home security systems are the simplest way to avoid potential criminals bothering a household. This article looks at two of the most popular security systems choices to see which of them is better.

Lorex Vs Night Owl Security Amazon CCTV Reviews 

Research says that burglars would anyway avoid homes protected by security monitoring systems. Therefore, CCTV solutions are the most effective ways for home and office owners to secure their places against potential thefts and get peace of mind. Lorex and Night Owl are two popular providers of commercial security systems to monitor large outdoor and indoor areas. Both these products have their features and offerings, pros, and cons to consider.

We have broken down this discussion into simple reviews to help you analyze what each of these security systems offers and why or not shoppers should consider them.

Lorex Security Review

If you are not willing to go with a full-fledged, professional-quality security service, Lorex equipment is the right choice for you. With its vast range of surveillance systems, the company has established itself as the industry leader in commercial and residential security.

Lorex Equipment and Features

A basic Lorex home security system comes with four high-resolution bullet cameras. The resolution is sufficient enough to identify the burglar’s face.

As with any outdoor security camera, Lorex cameras record color during the daytime and switch to black-white to ensure better clarity in low-light conditions. In addition, the 18 LEDs on the lens’s outer rim activate and provide a night vision range of 50 feet during the night.

The equipment also comes with 24-hour monitoring capability. To save the DVR space from filling up fast, the device uses its motion-activated features to activate it only when motion is detected. With this customization, you can save time and space on the drive when watching surveillance footage.

Lorex camera system can transfer live video feeds over networks to view from any computer. The company also offers Android, iPhone, Windows, and Blackberry mobile apps.

Lorex security systems are straightforward to use with a simple setup. Installation requires no technical expertise. A user manual comes with every system to help you. In addition, the menu and navigation of DVR are comprehensive.

Support is available all the time through email and telephone.


  • Ability to extend cameras
  • All-in-one security camera system
  • Night vision capability of up to 50 feet
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • The camera resolution is not so high
  • Loud DVR fans

Night Owl Surveillance Review

A popular manufacturer of security cameras and other security equipment, Night Owl started in 2009. It offers a complete line of security camera systems for residential and corporate settings apart from standalone DVRs and cameras. Though relatively new in the industry, the brand is gaining popularity due to its efficient, cost-effective products.

Lorex Vs Night Owl Security

Night Owl Equipment and Features

Night Owl offers a wide variety of security system options, including wired and wireless. Most products come with 4 or 8 cameras and cables, a remote control, a wireless mouse, security stickers, proprietary software, NVR or DVR system, mounting hardware, and a pre-installed hard drive.

They also offer individual video recorders and cameras for adding an additional unit to the existing security system. This is useful when you get an extension to the house and want to secure it or when the DVR starts malfunctioning.

  • Superior Video Quality – All of the brand’s analog to wireless equipment is designed to capture clear, high-quality images in daylight and nighttime. Apart from the high-resolution video, the cameras offer a broader perspective of the area surrounding the surveillance.
  • Smart Alarm System – Night Owl security systems feature push notifications to alert you when somebody enters your property when you are away. In addition, you can activate the app feature and get alerted about movement within the surveyed premises.
  • Ease of Installation – The Night Owl security systems can be wired or wireless, and they all come with a quick setup guide. You can set up the system by following the instructions listed.
  • Remote Monitoring – By installing the app on your devices, you can view the video transmissions regardless of your location.
  • Dual Audio Capability – Night Owl cameras and equipment can record audio and communicate with people inside the home. You connect the camera to the mobile app to get a virtual intercom.


  • Offer analog, DVR, and NVR security systems
  • HD night vision
  • No monitoring fee
  • Offer DIY as well as professional installation
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Comes with up to 2TB pre-installed disk
  • Powerful security app
  • Remote monitoring from phone, tablet, and laptop
  • 24/7 technical support and installation wizard


  • Only suitable for homes and small businesses
  • Relatively new company
  • The software is not too good
  • Analog cameras have poor capabilities

Lorex Vs Night Owl Security – Which Is Better?

Considering the features, ease of use, installation, support, and price range, Lorex is undoubtedly an excellent choice for DIY security camera systems. If you are looking for a way to monitor your home or office yourself, Lorex equipment with fully-featured cameras and DVRs backed by great support is a worthy pick.

However, those looking for something more from a commercial security system should go for Night Owl. Surveillance equipment from Night Owl lets you enjoy built-in video space for up to 6 months without any charges. You can choose from a wide range of analog and wireless cameras to suit your needs and budget. Night Owl systems come with many features and deliver security and peace of mind with unbeatable ease of use.


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