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Reviews – Funlux Security Camera System

Funlux Security Camera Overall Quality

Whether rain or shine, a security system should be equipped for all weather conditions and situations. That’s what the Funlux Security Camera hopes to provide. Produced by Zmodo, although sold under the Funlux name, this comprehensive Funlux Security Camera system is designed to give your home or small business the peace of mind you deserve.

Waterproof and weatherproof, this Funlux Security Camera system is a fine entry-level system. With remote viewing available via PC or phone, this system from Funlux is convenient and compatible with a wide variety of devices. Using the exclusive Zsight app is as easy as downloading the app onto your iPhone or Android with a handy QR code.

However, not all customers have been pleased with this entry from Funlux. For example, there’s no audio recording available on the device. Many customers also found that, for the price, its night vision capabilities were poor. Setting up the system to watch feedback on an HD television is needlessly difficult since the system doesn’t come with a VGA to HDMI cable, which will have to be purchased separately.

Its motion-sensing capabilities are infamously sensitive, so users will have to be mindful that false reports may be frequent. The cameras are of low quality for the price compared to many competitors at similar price ranges. If you can handle the flaws, it’s worth your consideration. Otherwise, consider a different system altogether.

Funlux Security Camera Features:

  • 4 2.8mm lens cameras
  • 720p recording resolution with the color sensor
  • 960H recording resolution, HDMI port for high-resolution viewing
  • 65ft night vision
  • Easy set-up
  • App compatible with most Apple and Android devices; PC Remote Access
  • IP video input
  • Remote alarm notification


Funlux Security Camera Installation and Set-Up

You’ll need to purchase a VGA to HDMI or a VGA to USB cable separately to view feedback. The instructions, as many customers have found, have an infamous reputation for being rather convoluted.

Still, a customer can install the system on their own successfully. However, it may be a lengthy process if you don’t have a lot of experience installing security systems. The cameras can easily be installed with another security system or added onto an existing system if needed, although you may need to purchase additional cables.

Funlux Security Camera Overall

It’s hard to recommend this entry-level Funlux Security Camera from Funlux for business owners and homeowners looking for a comprehensive security system, especially when much better systems with higher camera quality and audio recording capabilities are available in similar price ranges.

Still, we can say that this system is relatively easy to use, thanks to the included Zsight app, which is available for both Android and Apple phones. In this case, install this system with caution and keep in mind that for best results, you’ll want to purchase a VGA to HDMI cable to receive video feed on your TV or another monitor.


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