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Assessed – Best Costco Security Cameras List

Best home video surveillance helps you feel safer by keeping your home and area safe from unwanted visitors. WIFI Costco security cameras rely on real-time video to work correctly. On top of that, CCTV security camera systems offer benefits that endure for the system’s life.

Here are the top Costco security cameras on the market.


Best home security cameras Costco

Costco security cameras from Swann Security

For the best home Costco security cameras with 4K TVs


This ingenious four-camera security system is not only smart, but it’s effective and user-friendly. It’s also fitted with the best facial recognition technology. Images and video captured with 4K Ultra HD cameras are of extraordinary quality.

Features of these Costco security cameras:

  • With four cameras on board, this model records ultra-high-definition footage.
  • You can photograph individuals and vehicles up to 110 m distant because of your improved night vision.
  • With the “Hey Google” and “Alexa, Launch Spotify” commands, you can use Google Assistant and Chromecast or Google Home Hubs, as well as Amazon Alexa-enabled devices.
  • This facial recognition system can identify anyone or any vehicle in a snapshot, trigger alerts, and preserve records.

The first step is to have the lights come on when motion is detected. Equipped with night vision, the cameras can capture images as far as 115 feet away and are capable of detecting people and vehicles.

Activate and deactivate the siren to connect with your visitor. The Swann two-way audio system uses audio to assess noise levels in the environment and on the screen and speech recognition to establish who is speaking.

Not only will you be able to record talks with your children or elderly relatives, but you will also be able to save them for later use. This excellent security camera system also features the ability to execute voice commands via Google Assistant. Chromecast capability further extends the use of the system’s built-in camera to stream video to a Chromecast-enabled device.


Ring Costco security cameras


Wire-free Ring Costco security cameras allow you a great deal of positional versatility. It is one of the most budget-friendly interior and outdoor Costco security cameras on the market, retailing for less than $100. This model is an excellent wireless camera for a smart home that integrates with both Alexa and Google Assistant. Still, we’d rather have one that integrates with Apple’s HomeKit and Google Assistant.

The Stick Up Ring Costco security cameras are a low-cost outdoor wireless camera that is great for situations like this.

The batteries on both the Stick Up Cam and the Ring gadgets have a limited battery life (the Ring gizmos also requires that you remove the battery to charge it), and charging is tricky, which means you must remove the battery each time. You cannot move the camera location.

Choosing a solar panel accessory can reduce the number of times the battery must be removed, but this will result in higher costs.

On the whole, the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery’s motion detection was very effective; it was capable of detecting both smaller movements, such as that of an insect, as well as bigger movements, such as when a vehicle drives by (at least based on our walks around the back garden, anyway). Note that you can change these values as needed.

Though the live stream was a challenge from time to time, it was infrequent and may have been attributable to our location’s inconsistent Wi-Fi.

You can operate Alexa with voice commands, but it only works on a Fire TV device while viewing a live broadcast. We were surprised at the clarity of the footage in both day and night scenes. One of the drawbacks of the camera’s 115-degree field of view is that it is less wide than cameras used by other competitors, but it was fine for taking an entire room.

Between 5% and 10% every week, the battery loses 5% to 10% of its total capacity. Because of this, you should recharge the battery only every two to three weeks. In case the one in the camera runs out of power, you may have an extra battery on hand to use.


Fusion Lorex surveillance camera

These Costco security cameras are available in 4K resolution


  • With a maximum resolution of 4K, this wireless security camera is the best
  • A very efficient security camera, the Lorex 4K security camera incorporates four high-definition IP cameras to maximize your protection.
  • Its features include the following:
  • This device is capable of recording video in up to 4K (8MP) Ultra HD definition.
  • The device is integrated effortlessly with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, among other smart home technologies.

Extending the functionality and features of Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets such as Costco security cameras, floodlights, and doorbells is possible using Wi-Fi-enabled network equipment, such as network cameras, floodlights, and doorbells.

The 4K IP surveillance cameras that come with the Lorex Fusion NVR System have become industry-leading tools for entire home or business security monitoring.

To supplement 4K Costco security cameras, the system incorporates a 16-channel Network Video Recorder (NVR). Higher-quality digital zooms and crisper video may be obtained via the camera’s 8MP image sensor, which allows for high-resolution photography and films.


With this feature-packed PC, you can add three 3TB hard drives for a total of six 3TB hard discs. An IP67-rated metal shell protects the system from the elements.

With the Lorex Home 4K Camera system app, you can view your house from anywhere. Because of this, if you’re looking for a surveillance system that offers powerful, intelligent video security, we strongly recommend the Lorex 4K surveillance system.


 Google Nest Cam

Popular Costco security cameras

costco security cameras

Dropcam Pro was our top-rated wireless security camera because of its ease of setup, high-quality footage, and connectivity with other smart-home products like the Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Protect smoke alarm.

One of the best home Costco security cameras available today is the Nest Cam, which is equipped with better 1080p footage, superior night vision, and increased sound and motion alerts.

The Nest Cam’s design

The Nest Cam offers a streamlined design with a glossy black camera eye and a polished aluminum pedestal, with a sleek, cool-gray appearance. A magnetic base is used to provide support for the lens’s leg while also stabilizing the camera. An LED is mounted on the camera’s lens. When it detects a network, it lights up blue; when it is recording, it remains solid green.

A ten-foot power/USB line can be plugged into the camera’s rear micro USB port. The USB port on a laptop or desktop computer can attach to the camera. With a magnetic base, a wall-mounting plate, and mounting hardware, the Nest Cam is perfect for being mounted on the wall, on a tripod, or on the refrigerator.

Viewing 1080p footage on a smartphone gives the impression of a film being shot in your family room. One can see the benefits of this increased quality over the Dropcam Pro, which only supported 720p.


Benefits of Costco security cameras

The only reason we’ve compiled this list of the two most compelling reasons to install Costco security cameras in your home is to encourage you:


Deductibles for insurance plans

While the financial benefits of CCTV installation are highly unlikely to be your motivation, it is an extra benefit that might help increase your interest in installing CCTV. The value of your belongings is an important factor in deciding your insurance premium. To limit the risk of your property being destroyed or vandalized, you should make efforts to safeguard your property and protect it from vandals. In doing so, you decrease your odds of having to file a claim, allowing your insurance provider to lower your premium.


Prevent theft

CCTV can operate as a powerful deterrent when crimes are performed in advance. Because of this, the criminal threat to your home, property, and family has been reduced significantly. Deterring unwelcome visitors by visibly marking your CCTV system’s presence on your premises is one of the best ways to ensure your CCTV system’s maximum efficacy.







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