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Reviews – 4 Best Hidden Home Security Cameras

In the event that you want to keep an eye on your home but don’t want to be bothered by the appearance of unsightly cameras, hidden home security cameras or hidden outdoor home security cameras could be the ideal home security solution for you. These small cameras are much easier to conceal in your home’s décor, providing you with peace of mind while remaining undetectable.

Various shapes and sizes are available for hidden home security camera systems. Some are designed to look like miniature hidden home security cameras. In contrast, other hidden home security camera systems are integrated into phone chargers, clocks, and other household fixtures, allowing them to remain hidden in plain sight. Take into consideration the battery life of the hidden home security cameras, where the footage is stored, and whether it has features such as Wi-Fi connectivity or motion detection when deciding on the best product for your requirements.

With these considerations in mind, here is a list of the best-hidden home security cameras for keeping your home safe:

Hidden Security Camera System For Home

Top picks for hidden security camera system for home


Blink Indoor Hidden Home Security Cameras

Best all-around option for hidden indoor home security camera

However, while the Blink hidden indoor home security camera is not the smallest option on the market, it is the most reliable and convenient option. Wireless camera measuring approximately 2 1/2 inches square and small enough to be concealed anywhere in your home. This device can run for up to two years on its included lithium batteries. You can mount it somewhere out of reach and not have to worry about bringing it down to charge it.

It is equipped with two-way audio as well as infrared night vision technology. A low-cost cloud-subscription plan is available from Blink if you want to save your video footage.

Zohulu Wireless Hidden Home Security Cameras

The best budget option for hidden home security cameras


With a 1-inch form factor, the Zohulu Wireless hidden home security cameras are easy to conceal anywhere in your house. A micro SD card is required to store the footage captured by this budget-friendly camera, which captures high-definition video in 1080p (sold separately).

Built-in infrared lights enable it to capture images even when it is completely dark outside. The video recording is triggered by motion detection, and when the camera’s memory card is full, it automatically overwrites older files.

Wi-Fi works best because it produces sharper images and is more discrete.

Because of its small 1 1/2 inch triangular size and ease of mounting on any magnetic surface, the Discreet Camera is a great choice for discreet surveillance.

720p and 1080p high-definition video can be captured. A built-in microphone provides an audio signal. With the help of a USB cable, the Discreet Camera can be recharged and run for up to 90 minutes. As a result of its excellent night vision, it can monitor your home at all times.

SIRGAWAIN Mini Spy Camera

The best wireless hidden home security cameras

With wireless security cameras, you can install them virtually anywhere without having to worry about whether or not there is an electrical outlet close by. When it comes to concealment in your home, the Sirgawain Mini Spy Camera is ideal. In addition to recording high-definition video in 1080p, this tiny camera can operate for up to approximately 60 minutes on a single charging session.

Sirgawain is equipped with infrared lights that enable it to see up to 16 feet in the dark. Using a micro SD memory card, the footage is captured (not included). However, because the camera only supports memory cards with a capacity of up to 32 GB, you’ll have to clear out old data on a regular basis if you’re planning on recording new video.

Blink Mini Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera

The best wired hidden home security cameras

In the event that you do not want to be restricted by battery life, the Blink Mini Indoor Security Camera is a wired option that will never run out of power. The 2-inch camera can be easily hidden behind a plant or on top of a cabinet for easy access when not in use. When purchasing this item, you will receive a wall mount that you can use if desired.

High-definition footage is captured by this small camera, which also features two-way audio. It connects to your smartphone via Wi-Fi, allowing you to monitor its feed-in real-time or review previously recorded video footage on your phone. When motion is detected, the camera sends an alert to your phone. The unit can be controlled by voice commands if it is connected to an Alexa-enabled device.

DivineEagle Spy Camera and USB Charger

The best choice for the home office space hidden home security cameras


Hidden outdoor home security cameras


Even though it appears to be and functions as a standard USB charger block, the DivineEagle Spy Camera is actually a hidden camera that can be used to spy on people or record video. It records video in high-definition 1080p; all you have to do is plug it into the wall and insert a micro SD card (which is not included), and it will begin recording everything that happens in the space.

Because the DivineEagle Camera can support a 256GB SD card, it can record hours of video. When there is movement, the camera is triggered, resulting in a wide-angle shot being captured. The oldest files on the memory card are automatically overwritten as soon as the memory card is full. A charging block with all of the necessary features is also included.

Hidden Camera’s Characteristics to Look for


The best product for your needs will be determined by the location where you intend to use your hidden camera. For example, consider the following: Does it appear that the camera will be exposed to the elements? Are wide-angle lenses required to capture the entire space? Is it necessary to have technology in place to prevent false alarms if the system is motion-activated? Defining which features are essential to you will allow you to narrow down your options.

Quality of the video

The video’s overall quality is another important consideration. As a result of the small size of hidden cameras, the image quality may be inferior to that of a standard camera. Purchase a product with a resolution of at least 720 pixels; otherwise, you may have difficulty distinguishing the details in the video.

Record Time

The recordings of some hidden cameras are only made when motion is detected, while others are recorded continuously. Examine the video recording method that your camera employs and whether the video footage is stored on a memory card or uploaded to the cloud, among other things. Once a memory card is full, most cameras rewrite existing files, so make sure to check your footage regularly, or you risk losing it.


Are hidden home security cameras legal?

You are legally allowed to use hidden surveillance cameras in most cases. When you use hidden surveillance cameras to record video, it is possible to obtain video footage without anyone’s consent. Another homeowner opts for exterior hidden cameras disguised as decoy items in order to keep the presence of the cameras a secret.


What are benefits of hidden home security camera?

Not everyone is aware that hidden cameras can be used for domestic surveillance devices as well as for industrial spying. For legitimate surveillance, as well as for entertainment and other purposes, video recording devices have become less expensive and more numerous, and this has resulted in an increase in the use of hidden cameras.

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